Why I am getting same emails are downloading twice ?


a) I am getting same emails are getting downloaded in my outlook / outlook express twice.
b) My Email Client is downloading same message repeatedly. It that being duplicated at server-end?

Effected Product: Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Express.


This seems to be an Outlook error that is becoming more and more common.
Outlook isn't our product, so we don't have a fix as it were.
We have done some research and found some solutions that help most users with this problem.

(1) Duplicate emails in Outlook XP/2002. It is recommended that users

upgrade to Service Pack 2 of this program.


(2) Folks that synch their Outlook with an Exchange server may also

download duplicate emails from POP3 servers:


(3) Outlook filtering rules may cause duplicates. Check your Rules to be sure that copies
are not being made to the Inbox, and make sure that all your rules end in "Stop Processing" actions.

(4) Two instances of outlook.exe running can produce two messages arriving at the same time.
To see if this is the case, check the task manager to be sure that there is only one
instance of Outlook.exe running. If two are running, kill one of them.

(5) Many of the anti-virus programs that scan email can cause duplicate emails as well.
When the messages are large, the software causes a 'timeout' to the server
before it sends back a flag that id's the message as being read.
As a result you receive the message over and over.

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