Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees? No, At Trafficpullz we will not charge you anything extra than mentioned in our price list. Can I get Trial Hosting Account? We currently do not offer trial periods since we offer an unconditional money back guarantee for... Can I password protect directories? Yes you can password protect directory using your control panel. While accessing those folders... Can I see some of the websites you host? Site Hosted on Linux Servers:,,,... Can I upgrade my plan at any time and how does it work? Yes you can upgrade at any time by sending mail to It is free to... Do you offer telnet or shell access? No due to security reasons we do not offer telnet or shell access. Linux Users: You are still... Does Trafficpullz Resell services ? No. Not at all. We own, manage and operate our own servers. Currently we have 5 Linux, 3 Windows... Is tax included with prices? Yes, tax is included within the price. What control panel do you use, can I have demo ? For Linux Hosting we provide cPanel while for Windows hosting we provide PLESK. For Webmail we... What forms of payment do you accept? We accept [1] Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa (You can pay through our site, or send mail to... What is a Parked Domain parked domains are simply secondary domainsthat you point to your account. They will serve the... What is a Sub-domain A subdomain is the part of the website address before the domain name. For example,... What is an Addon Domain An addon domain is a fully functional domainthat can be purchased and added to your already... Which hosting is better for me? Windows or Linux On the Internet there is a tremendous amount of argument over which operating system is the best... Will you place ads on my site? No, we would NOT place ads on your site. The space would entirely be ad free and will have your...
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