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1) How do I transfer my local MS SQL file to server ?
2) I am already having MS SQL database on my computer, now I want to place same data, structure on your server

1) First ensure you have taken Windows 2003 Hosting plan
2) Login to your PLESK Control Panel
3) Goto Database option and create new database.
If your user ID for control panel is myuser then your
database name: myuser_db1
database user: myuser_user1
4) Now create database dump (backup) of your local database. And create .bak file
5) Upload .bak file to /httpdocs folder of your website. (FTP upload)
6) Submit support ticket for restoring your database with following details
       a. Your domain name
       b. .bak file name and path to access that (e.g /httpdocs/mybackupfile.bak)
       c.  MS SQL DB name
7) If you are following above correctly and if you are getting ticket confirmation than it is ensure your DB will be restored within an hour or less time and you will get confirmation from us.

Please Note: Apart from above you can also access MS SQL through Enterprise Manager and we have provided you web-based access, too. However this method we found more effective and faster to restore your DB. Please do not attach your DB file in ticket or email. We require you to upload that.

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