Why firewall has blocked my computer ?

Question: My computer or my ISP IP  is getting blocked with Trafficpullz Server


If server firewall is blocking your access, it might be any of following reason.

1) Your machine is infected with virus which is trying to send mass emails automatically through your POP3 setting. This is considered as mail attack or email spoofing. You require to have this fixed at your end.

2) Your computer has stored password to check emails, but that password is changed and you are trying to login with old password. We have POP3 failure detection. Maximum 10 failed logins are allowed from one location.

3) You have "Auto-check emails at every X minute" - setup less than 5 minutes in your outlook/outlook express. In outlook/outlook express you can setup at what interval it should check emails. We advice you to keep auto-check at every 10 minutes. This will give sufficient time for one POP3 session to get completed while you are downloading multiple mails. When you are downloading emails, at same time your auto-check option will try to fetch emails again, which will result in multiple POP3 login attempt while first attempt is already downloading emails. Which triggers firewall.

You can always call us on 080-42801111 or can submit ticket with your IP address to unblock your IP with immediate effect. You can find your ISP-IP address by browsing www.whatismyip.com

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